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Three Legacies

   Welcome to CHIPS on the WEB!

The CHIPS Group is one of the older AA Fellowships in the Frankfort KY area, dating back nearly 4 decades, and has called 111 Bridge Street "Home" since 1990 .

CHIPS has provided a cyberspace outreach since 2004, and in 2006 the original CHIPS on the WEB went active, evolving to in 2008.

It is our hope that COTW with its humor, singleness of purpose and a tight grip on "Rule 62", will continue to be a rest area along the road to happy destiny— perhaps assisting a suffering surfer through "Step Zero" — they will want what we have, become willing to go to any lengths to get it... and become a member of an AA Home Group. — Somewhere... . Sometime... . Soon.

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111 Bridge St. Frankfort, KY

Tradition AlertTradition 6 Alert You will connect outside of CHIPS on the WEB. The CHIPS Group, any adjunct family groups and the Bridge Street Token Club do not endorse and are not affiliated with "Google" or any of its platform applications.


Parking and Accessibility Info  

Information Should on-street parking be unavailable, a large parking lot is nearby.
CHIPS is wheelchair accessible at both front and rear entrances.

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"...sobriety — freedom from alcohol — through the teaching and practice of A.A.'s Twelve Steps, is the sole purpose of the group."

Bill W.     — Letter, 1966 —     from  "As Bill Sees It"
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The CHIPS Group is known for each member having a sponsor, and each member working the Twelve Steps, following the instructions in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The CHIPS Group teaches and maintains strong adherence to the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Members of CHIPS are active in all areas of Service work.

You will be warmly welcomed at the CHIPS Group
111 Bridge Street, Frankfort, Kentucky.

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